Manuel Santana Palacios | Postdoctoral Researcher
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
MURP, University of California, Los Angeles
M.Eng. Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia)
B.Sc. Civil Engineering. Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia)
Manuel Santana Palacios is a postdoctoral researcher at the Transportation Research Group at McGill. His research attempts to better understand the role of public transport policies and investments in reducing urban inequalities in mobility and access to urban opportunities and the connection between transport planning and land development. Manuel’s work harnesses the potential of alternative data sources, analytical methods, the power of comparative research methods to improving transport planning scholarship and practice. He is also interested in studying how improving access to urban opportunities enhances personal health outcomes for disadvantaged populations. His work is grounded in equity planning and ethical principles guiding urban data analytics and ethnographic research. He obtained his Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley, in 2021.
Grace Commers | undergraduate Research Assistant
BSc. Department of Geography and School of Environment
McGill University
Grace is a graduate of McGill University, with a joint honours BA in Geography and Environment. She is interested in urban planning, sustainability, and human-environment interactions. She is excited to work with TRAM on urban transportation issues this summer.
Bruno Dehem-Lemelin | undergraduate Research Assistant
Undergraduate Student
Department of Civil Engineering
McGill University
Bruno is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in civil engineering and minoring in geography (urban studies). Since his young age Bruno was particularly interested in all the major public transportation projects occurring in the greater Montreal area. He is excited to work this summer with the Tram group on the impacts of the new REM on mobility health and equity.
Julien Duffy | undergraduate Research Assistant
Undergraduate Student
Political Science
McGill University
Julien is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in political science and minoring in environment. Having grown up in Montreal very close to a metro station and now to the REV express bike network, he has a good grasp on how public infrastructure can influence one’s mobility and travel behavior. Particularly interested in active mobility, environmentally friendly travel, and alternatives to car use in urban contexts, he’s looking forward to study the impacts of the REM this summer.
Julian Villafuerte Diaz | Graduate Research Assistant
Master's, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
B.Sc., Global Resource Systems, University of British Columbia
Julian is a first-year Master of Urban Planning student at McGill University. In 2018, he completed his Bachelor’s of Science in Global Resource Systems at the University of British Columbia. As an undergraduate student, his primary interests were in urban sustainability and community development. He is one of two undergraduate recipients of the 2017 Walter G. Hardwick Scholarship in Urban Studies. Julian’s current objective is to contribute to developing analytical approaches that promote more equitable and sustainable transport and land-use planning. Prior to joining the McGill community in 2020, Julian was working as a Researcher at Workforce WindsorEssex, a government-funded workforce planning organization based in Windsor, Ontario. He spearheaded projects on topics including the mobility patterns of Canadian nurses commuting to Detroit for work and regional talent attraction and retention.
Juliette Fournier | Graduate Research Assistant
Master's, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
B Eng. Civil Engineering, Polytechnique Montréal
Juliette is a first-year Master of Urban Planning student at McGill University. In 2020, she graduated from Polytechnique Montréal in Civil engineering, with a specialization in transportation. Juliette worked in traffic management for the REM project last summer and has developed an interest in Montreal’s mobility and accessibility. Her main interest in the field is active transportation and she wishes to contribute in promoting a safe and healthy use of those modes through her research.
Assim Mohammed | Graduate Research Assistant
Master's Student, School of Urban Planning McGill University
B.Sc. Environmental Science, University of Guelph
M.A. Geography, University of Guelph
Assim is a first-year Master of Urban Planning student at McGill. In 2018, he graduated from the University of Guelph with an M.A. in Geography, and had earlier completed a B.Sc. in Environmental Science. At Guelph, he was active in resource management and environmental governance research. Just before joining McGill in the fall of 2020, he conducted research on the environmental impact of lithium supply chains for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. He has since pivoted towards research in transportation, with particular interests in public private partnerships for transit project financing, as well as conducting suitability analyses through GIS for the routing of new rail corridors. Ultimately, Assim's goal is to be part of Canada's transition towards more sustainable and equitable transportation, particularly by making rail more palatable for people in cars.
Léa Ravensbergen | Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Fellowship, McMaster University
PhD, University of Toronto
MA, University of Toronto
B.Sc. (Hons) McGill University
Léa Ravensbergen is the research coordinator of the evaluation of the future REM’s impacts on health, travel behaviour, and equity. Her mixed-methods transport research is driven by an overarching concern for equity in the creation of healthy and sustainable cities. Léa completed a BSc (honours) in Environmental Science at McGill University and an MA in Geography and the University of Toronto focusing on inequalities in children’s access to healthy neighbourhoods. Her doctoral research on the gender-gap in cycling won the 2019 American Association of Geographer’s Urban Geography PhD Dissertation award. She recently completed a postdoctoral fellowship at McMaster University where she conducted community-engaged research on older adults’ experiences using public transportation.
Samuel Mehenni | Graduate Research Assistant
B.Sc. Urban Planning, UQAM
Sam is currently pursuing his master's degree in urban planning at McGill. He is particularly interested in mobility issues — governance and data collection methodologies in the global south, accessibility, data standards — and the intersection of urbanism and technology. After graduating from UQAM in 2014, he worked for mobility startups in Montreal (Prkng, Transit App) before moving to Cape Town, where he led the data collection practice at WhereIsMyTransport. In his years there, he managed mapping projects for organizations including the World Bank, WSP and the Inter-American Development Bank. To date he has been part of projects in South Africa, Tanzania, Cameroon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Haiti and Mexico.
Mathilde van Liefferinge | Undergraduate Research Assistant
B.A. & Sc, McGill University
Mathilde recently finished her undergraduate degree in computer science and urban studies at McGill University. She was raised in New York City and has been a lifelong public transit user and cyclist. Because of this, she is extremely interested in how cities and specifically their transit systems can become more sustainable through working with new technologies.
Boer Cui | Research Assistant
MSc Civil Engineering, McGill University
BASc, Civil Engineering, University of Toronto
Boer graduated in 2017 with a BASc in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto and is currently working towards her Master’s degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Transportation Engineering at McGill. She has previously worked for Toronto Hydro where she learned how to reconcile the various needs and priorities of stakeholders in the planning process. Having lived in cities all her life, she is committed to the development of better urban areas by addressing the quality of their transportation systems. She is particularly interested in public transportation planning and in her future career, she hopes to incorporate her engineering skills and expertise in the development of efficient and equitable transit projects. After graduation in February 2020 Boer started working at CPCS as a transport consultant.
James DeWeese | Research Assistant
Master's, Urban Planning, McGill University
BA, University of Pittsburgh
JD, Duke University School of Law
LLM, Georgetown University Law Center.
James (Jamie) DeWeese is the TRAM lab manager and projects coordinator. He finished a master's in urban planning from McGill University with a speciality in transport. Before moving to Canada to do his master's, Jamie was a research analyst with World Resources Institute-United States, where he researched municipal climate adaptation and subnational efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions. His current research interests include sustainable public and active transport with an eye toward improving environmental performance and quality of life. Jamie’s loved riding public transit since he first set foot on Washington DC’s Red Line in elementary school. Since then, buses and trains from Montgomery County, Maryland, to Madrid to Montreal, have been his preferred wheels. Jamie is an attorney and previously served as a climate law fellow at Georgetown Law’s Public Policy Clinic working to help cities and states navigate the legal complexities of adapting to climate change. Before Georgetown, Jamie worked was an associate attorney at Langrock Sperry & Wool, LLP, in Burlington, Vt., where he focused on land-use and municipal law, among other topics. Jamie also served as law clerk to the Hon. Chief Justice Paul Reiber of the Vermont Supreme Court; editor at Dow Jones Newswires; reporter at The Press of Atlantic City (N.J.); reporter and photographer at the TimesLedger Newspapers of New York; and editor-in-chief for the bilingual publication The Nutshell/Vaughan Review in Madrid, Spain.
Matthew Beaudet | Undergraduate Research Assistant
B Eng. Electrical Engineering, McGill University
Matthew is an undergraduate Electrical Engineering student at McGill university. He is interested in understanding how innovations in engineering and science directly contribute to people’s health and wellbeing. He is also an avid runner and cyclist, and is interested in contributing towards making these activities safer and more accessible in the city.
Julia Daley | Undergraduate Research Assistant
B.A. & Sc. McGill University
Julia received a B.A. & Sc. in 2020 from McGill University with a major in Sustainability, Science & Society and a minor in GIS & Remote Sensing. Julia has worked for Powdermill Nature Reserve, in rural Pennsylvania, analyzing the socio-economic impacts of hydraulic fracking in the state using GIS. She has a great interest in the social aspects of environmental issues, particularly in relation to sustainable transportation. Julia is from Montreal and is especially interested in the development of the REM after completing an undergraduate class project on it.
Isidor Ehrlich | Undergraduate Research Assistant
B.Eng Mining Engineering, McGill University
Isidor is pursuing a Bachelor of Mining Engineering at McGill University. He has a keen interest in transportation systems and a passion for computer science. He is excited to combine these interests to study the impacts of constructing rail transit systems.
Cassidy Murray | Undergraduate Research Assistant
B.Eng Civil Engineering, McGill University
Cassidy is pursuing an Undergrad at McGill University in Civil Engineering. She was drawn to civil engineering thanks to an interest in the role that infrastructure can play to help cities become more sustainable. Important investments like the REM are critical for the transformation of cities. Cassidy is passionate about the environment, urban planning, concrete and contributing to research in this field.
Anastasia Belikow | Graduate Research Assistant
BA, International Relations, Torcuato di Tella University
MSc, Public Policy, Torcuato di Tella University
Anastasia is currently a first-year student at the Urban Planning Master’s at McGill. Before moving to Canada, Anastasia worked as an advisor for Buenos Aires’ Secretary of Transportation for three years, where she helped design the city’s transportation plan for the 2020-2023 period. She also contributed to the development of policies towards a more gender-balanced mobility. While working there, Anastasia completed a Master’s in Public Policy at the Torcuato di Tella University. Her supervised research project analyzed the motivation behind an open-data policy for real-time bus information in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan region. Anastasia holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations with a minor in economic development from the Torcuato di Tella University.
Yousef Youssef | Undergraduate Research Assistant
BSc, Anatomy and Cell Biology, McGill University
Yousef received a BSc in 2020 from McGill University majoring in Anatomy and Cell Biology, with a minor in Psychology. Over the last few years he has participated in research at the University of Toronto and Miami Miller Medical school that focused on improving medical treatments for cancer and cerebrovascular diseases. Throughout his degree and experiences in healthcare, he developed great interest in the impact of different social determinants on health care, specifically the effects of transportation barriers on access to treatment.
Zane Davey | Graduate Research Assistant
BA, History, University of Regina
Zane graduated in 2016 with a BA in History from the University of Regina, where he focussed on social movements within 20th century American cities. Currently, Zane is working towards his Master’s degree in Urban Planning at McGill University. With a deep family connection to the Canadian prairies, Zane’s Indigenous heritage has influenced his interest in planning with reconciliation and vulnerable peoples in mind. Zane’s current research interests align with prairie provinces dependency on private vehicles, as well as accessibility for vulnerable minorities within low-density cities and rural communities.
Leila Hawa | Graduate Research Assistant
Master's, Civil Engineering, McGill University
BEng, Civil Engineering, McGill University
Leila Hawa graduated from with a civil engineering master's specializing in transportation. Her current research focuses on shared micromobility use in cities. As a result of growing up in New York City and cycling around Montreal since undergrad, Leila loves active transit, especially because of its benefits for improving quality of life and the environment, and is motivated to apply her research to support its growth in cities. Leila also works at SAE as the secretary of the Micromobility Devices and Shared & Digital Mobility committees. After graduation Leila started working at OptiBus as a solution engineer in their office in New York, USA.
Hanna Demyk | Graduate Research Assistant
BA, Geography and Environment, McGill University
Hanna received her undergraduate degree in Geography, minoring in Environment, from McGill University. Having also taken urban studies courses at the University of Alberta during her degree, she gained interest in urban planning practice, policies and plans in different contexts. After completing her degree, Hanna worked for the Town of Montreal West as a GIS Analyst, where she gained valuable knowledge of municipal level politics and processes. With a growing concern for the environment and progressive interest in policies and planning, she decided to pursue a Master of Urban Planning at McGill and is currently a first-year student. Hanna’s current interests include the benefits of active transportation for health and the environment, and how ecological and social sustainability can be achieved through land use and transportation planning.
Trent Bonsall | Graduate Research Assistant
BA, Economics and French, Middlebury College
Trent received his undergraduate degree in economics and French from Middlebury College, Vermont. He then lived in Europe for a number of years, working for an international non-governmental organization in Austria and a cultural center in France with a brief stint in between as a bike tour guide. He moved to Canada in 2008 and worked in the IT sector before beginning his graduate studies at McGill. Having grown up in the car-dependent suburbs of the United States and then living in large cities with excellent public transportation systems, he understands first-hand the reliance on private car ownership as well as the benefits of a reliable, well-run public transportation network. His current research interests include the impact of airports on cities and the transportation needs of an aging population.
Maddie Harreman-Fernandes | Graduate Research Assistant
BA Honours, Geography and Minor in Geomatics, Carleton University
Madalena received her undergraduate degree in Geography and minor in Geomatics with distinction from Carleton University in 2017. She then went on to work as a GIS technologist for the City of Ottawa's parking studies unit. It was during her work in the public sector that Madalena developed an interest in traffic data collection, data sharing, and data analysis as well as GIS applications within transportation planning. Her other research interests include transportation infrastructure planning and risk assessment, particularly for active modes and cold climates, and innovative transportation systems.
Emily Grisé | Research Fellow
Bsc Geography and Environmental Management, University of Waterloo
MSc Geography, University of Toronto
PhD Urban Planning, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Emily graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master’s degree in Geography, after completing an undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo in Geography and Environmental Management. The focus of her Master’s thesis was on pedestrian injury in the City of Toronto, with a particular focus on pedestrian planning and policy implications for children and the elderly. Her main research interests are on urban public transit planning and operations, specifically examining customer satisfaction and service reliability for an aging population. After graduation from McGill Emily started a tenure track assistant professor position at the School of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary Canada.
Nick Chaloux | Graduate Research Assistant
Specialized Honours Bachelor of Arts, Urban Studies, York University
International Bachelor of Arts, International Studies, Glendon College
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Nick is a Master of Urban Planning Candidate at McGill University's School of Urban Planning. His past life in Toronto saw the completion of two bilingual undergraduate degrees with an exchange to Grenoble, France. Formerly a Starbucks barista and a VIA Rail station agent, Nick's current research interests include understanding the inequalities of consumption-oriented urbanism, particularly around topics like housing affordability and transit provision. Nick joined Access Planning right after graduating in their office in Toronto.
Geneviève Boisjoly | Graduate Research Assistant
BEng Mechanical Engineering, École Polytechnique de Montréal
MSc Sustainability Science, Lund University
PhD Urban Planning, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
After acquiring a Bachelor of Engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal, Geneviève received a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science from Lund University, Sweden, with a focus on urban sustainable transportation. Concerned with the impacts of car-oriented transport systems on disadvantaged populations, Geneviève is interested in land use and transportation planning from a social equity perspective. She is currently working on measurements of accessibility in North American cities. After graduation from McGill Geneviève started a tenure track assistant professor position at the Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal.
Anders Turim | Under-graduate Research Assistant
Under-graduate student, Department of Geography, McGill University
Raised in the suburban City of Tucson, Arizona, Anders has gained a first hand understanding of the challenges associated with urban sprawl and automobile dependence. His passion for bicycling infrastructure and walkability has led him to pursue a B.A. in Geography with a concentration in Urban Systems at McGill. Anders’ research interests include pedestrian and cyclist safety, policy-making, and finding solutions and alternatives to urban sprawl. He is looking forward to improving urban systems, and one day becoming an Urban Planner. When not working on schoolwork, Anders also enjoys backpacking, reading nonfiction, bicycling, and making music.
Maaz Khan | Graduate Research Assistant
Master's student, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
BEng Mechanical Engineering, McGill University
Maaz did his bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from McGill, worked for 2 years with an energy efficiency engineering firm in Ontario, and is currently pursuing a Masters of Urban Planning at McGill. His research interests include urban planning and resilience for developing nations, land use and transportation for a rapidly changing future, environmental policy making, and the economics of transportation.
Marie-Pier Veillette | Graduate Research Assistant
BSc Geography, Laval University, Quebec
MSc Geography with thesis, Laval University, Quebec
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Marie-Pier received from Laval University a Master’s degree in Geography with distinction after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in the same field. While completing her studies in geography, she worked in planning for regional and municipal organizations in Quebec and Ontario. She has since developed strong interests in land use and transportation planning, accessibility to employment areas by all transit modes from an equity perspective, pedestrian and cyclist safety and public transit reliability. Marie-Pier seeks professional challenges in planning that develop and enhance transportation networks for the benefits of small and large communities. Righth after graduation from McGill University Mreie-Pier joined the OC-Transpo - Ontario as a transport planner. Currently she is working as a planner at ARTM in Montreal.
Robbin Deboosere | Graduate Research Assistant
BSc in Mechanical Engineering, KU Leuven
MSc in Engineering: Traffic, Logistics, and ITS, KU Leuven
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
After graduating with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Robbin received his Master’s degree in Engineering: Traffic, Logistics, and ITS with great distinction from KU Leuven in Belgium. Robbin’s research interests include the equity of transportation, determinants of mode choice, transportation from the user’s perspective, and travel behaviour. Robbin hopes to build a career in transportation planning that aims to promote the equity and sustainability of our communities and tackles the complexities involved in the efficient planning of our transportation systems. Righth after graduation from McGill University Robbin joined the Ministry of Transportation - Ontario as a transport planner.
Emma Berrebi | Under-Graduate Research Assistant
Urban Studies/Geography, McGill University
Emma will be graduating with an Urban Studies Degree from McGill University in May 2018. She has worked several years with the InsideOut Project; A global art project that allows people to share their portraits to make statements against social injustices and what they believe in. She recently organized her own action, "IOP Quebec Ed", shinning light on the impacts of budget cuts in higher education, and the resulting decreases in education quality. she has also co-managed the research and organization of a publication on city innovation and interconnection throughout the world. Emma is very passionate about her studies and interested by the many different structures that shape a city and how people interact with them. She is looking forward to helping improve urban systems, and becoming an Urban Planner once she has completed a masters degree.
Lesley Fordham | Graduate Research Assistant
BA, Political Science and Geography, University of British Columbia
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Lesley completed her undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia in 2011. Since graduating, she has worked in the tourism industry, for the BC Provincial Government and as a volunteer for an organization that promotes active transportation. It was during this volunteer work that Lesley realized her passion for encouraging community members to think critically about transportation planning and promoting healthy transportation choices. Lesley hopes to have a career in planning that improves the accessibility of transit, effectively plans for an aging population, and builds healthy communities. After graduation Lesley started working at the City of Vancouver as a transport planner.
Dea van Lierop | Graduate Research Assistant
BA Linguistics, University of Victoria
MA Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
PhD Urban Planning, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Dea graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a graduate degree in Cultural Analysis that focused on city theory. She recieved a Master's in Urban Planning from McGill University with a Transportation Speciality. Rapidly growing urban populations and environmental concerns have motivated her to question how cities can become more environmentally and socially sustainable. She is inspired by collaborations between academic researchers, planners, policy makers, and other stakeholders that question how initiatives in clean technology can become normative rather than alternative in urban centres around the world. Dea’s current interests include public transit satisfaction and loyalty, land use and transportation planning, pedestrian and cyclist safety, and innovations in Transit Oriented Development. After graduation Dea started working at Stantec in Toronto as a senior public transport expert. Currently she is an Assistant Professor in Human Geography and Spatial Planning, Utrecht University, Netherlands.
Nicole Ratti | Graduate Research Assistant
Bsc Geography, University of Toronto
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Nicole completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto in 2015. Since graduating, Nicole has worked both in private sector transportation management, and as a research assistant for municipal planning departments in Ontario and Quebec. Capitalizing on the respective strengths of private and public agencies, Nicole has a strong passion for providing multiple travel options for all, with focus on improving the equity of public transit for vulnerable groups. Nicole seeks to build a career in planning which manages traffic congestion, addresses equity and affordability issues in current transit options, and effectively plans for future travel demand. After graduation Nicole started working at Stantec in Toronto as a transport planner.
Thomas Herrmann | Under-Graduate Research Assistant
BA Urban Systems/Geography, McGill University
Thomas is finishing his B.A. in Geography (Urban Systems) at McGill University. Having experienced both exceptional and under-performing urban environments during his childhood, he became captivated by cities and their transportation systems, drawing both inspiration from and seeing potential in urban spaces. At McGill, he was enthusiastic to discover the courses in the Urban Systems program and resources offered by TRAM. His academic background has solidified his passion, and today his research interests include determinants of transit modal choice, the sharing economy and ‘new’ modes of transportation, research opportunities afforded by open data, and the role of transportation systems in relation to inequality.
Derrick Swallow | Graduate Research Assistant
Master's student
School of Urban Planning
McGill University
BA Geography, University of the Fraser Valley
Growing up in the medium sized suburban City of Abbotsford, BC, Derrick gained an first-hand understanding of the challenges associated with automobile-centric land use and transportation planning. A desire to learn more, fuelled by his involvement as a community organizer and volunteer, led him to complete a BA in Honours Geography with a concentration in Urban Studies from the University of the Fraser Valley. Throughout and following his ungraduated degree he worked on planning related projects with local municipalities including a neighbourhood plan in Abbotsford, BC and school travel planning in the Lower Mainland. These experiences inspired him to pursue Masters in Urban Planning and explore how cities can achieve equity and improve quality of life through transportation and land use decisions.
Charis Loong | Graduate Research Assistant
BA Geography (Urban Systems) and Minor in Management, McGill University
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Charis received her BA in Geography from McGill University in 2013 and returned in 2014 to pursue her Master of Urban Planning. She has previously worked for Environment Canada, as well as for an architectural and engineering consulting firm in Hong Kong. Her international travels have allowed her to observe transportation systems in other cities, and kindled her interests in public transportation and fare payment systems.
David Verbich | Graduate Research Assistant
BSc Physiology, McGill University
PhD Neuroscience, McGill University
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
While completing his PhD in Neuroscience at McGill University, David discovered his interest in cities and transit systems. After attending a lecture on the built environment and its influence on people’s health, he realized how planning for active environments can promote healthy living. Originally from Montreal, David is currently pursuing a Master’s in Urban Planning, and is interested in active transportation and public transit. He is currently researching the factors that influence the distances people travel.
Ehab Diab | Graduate Research Assistant
BSc Architectural Engineering, Alexandria University
MSc Architectural Engineering, Alexandria University
PhD Urban Planning, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Ehab Diab is originally from Alexandria, Egypt, which is where he lived, studied and worked for most of his adult life. He has acquired BSc. Of Architecture, from the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, in Egypt, where he worked afterwards as Lecturer Assistant. Later on he got Master of Science also from Faculty of Engineering in Alexandria, concerning urban lighting , the thesis was titled " Balance between Light and Dark Energy Efficiency Approach: Alexandria City Gateways". He work on TEMPUS project as Lecturer in the "Integration of Environmental Aspects and Modern Technology (GIS And RS) and Pedagogic (E-learning) in Egyptian Higher Education with Special Focus on Planning (ITEP)" Project in cooperation with Swedish and Dutch universities. His research interests includes public transit planning and improving transit services reliability strategies. After graduating from McGill Ehab joined University of Toronto as a post-doctoral research fellow at the Department of Civil Engineering. Currently Ehab is an Assistant Professor, Geography & Planning, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.
Alexander Legrain | Graduate Research Assistant
BA Philosophy and Middle East Studies, McGill University
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Alex has strong interests in transportation, urban economics, and equity issues. Growing up in rural Tennesee, he moved to Montreal to pursue an Honours degree in Philosophy. For his thesis he researched the idea that work and labour are foundational human activities, and this has deeply influenced his current work in urban planning and transportation. He is presently researching the effect commuting has on health, and hopes to further focus his studies on the relationship between transportation and urban economics. In addition to his academic experience, Alex has worked as a cook and a barn-raiser, helped start and manage a new food-truck, and has written short stories and some poems.
Myriam Langlois | Graduate Research Assistant
BA Public Affairs / International Relations, Laval University
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Myriam Langlois graduated with a B.A in public affairs and International Relations from Laval University in 2013 with a concentration in public law, economics and Canadian politics. She is received a Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Master's Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Prior to studying at McGill, Myriam was a research assistant at the Chaire de recherche sur la démocratie et les institutions parlementaires at Laval University. Politics, regional economic development and interregional transportation issues have interested Myriam for a long time. Her interests have now expanded to include the influence of urban form on economic and travel behaviour, the integration of disadvantaged populations within communities, the real estate market, transit-oriented development, and quantitative analysis. Right after graduation Myriam started to work with WSP office in Montreal.
Colin J Stewart
BSc Computing Science, Simon Fraser University
MA Creative Writing, University of Manchester
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Colin’s research interests include public transit, walkability, urban design, the effect of railways and freeways on accessibility, communication issues in urban planning, and the general problem of how to reduce car dependence in cities. Prior to studying at McGill, Colin lectured Computing Science courses at Simon Fraser University, programmed video games at Electronic Arts, and wrote a novel. After graduation he started an online planning service website with a couple of his colleagues.
Gabriel Damant-Sirois
BA Economics and Politics, Université de Montréal
DESS Management and Sustainable Development, HEC Montréal
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Gabriel is currently undertaking a Masters in Urban Planning at McGill University. He graduated with an undergraduate degree in Economics and Politics from the Université de Montréal and completed a graduate certificate in management and sustainable development at HEC Montréal. After working as a professional manager, he was inspired to explore and understand the field of urban planning specifically on issues related to urban and transportation planning which in turn motivated him to undertake his current field of study. His interests include focusing on how to make cities more sustainable and how to improve the quality of life for its residents. Gabriel’s research interests evolve around the determinants of modal choice, the efficiency of transportation network, the impacts of accessibility to jobs and services on social equity, economics and the environment as well as the effects of cycling infrastructure on commercial activity and the safety of bike paths and lanes. After graduation he started a planning consultation firm with a couple of his colleagues.
Michael Grimsrud
BA Geography, Simon Fraser University
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Michael came to urban and transportation planning by way of study in Geography, focused on sustainability, after developing appreciation for land use and transportation systems while living and commuting in Japan. His research interests include transit-oriented development, parking policy, employer-based transport demand management, evolution of values related to mode choice, needs and opportunities emerging from demographic trends, and institutional land use and transportation decision-making processes. After graduation he worked for Urban Futures in Vancouver.
Evelyne St-Louis
BA Urban Systems/Geography, McGill University
Recently graduated from McGill University with an Honours degree in Urban Systems/Geography, Evelyne is interested in the social, cultural and environmental aspects of cities, and she enjoys research that mixes theoretical approaches and more 'on-the-field' work. Transportation research is one of Evelyne's key interests, in particular cycling-related issues, as well as land use and transportation planning. She also has a particular concern for climate change planning at the municipal level, as this was the topic of her Honours thesis. Seeing how transportation can fit within climate change planning is an especially compelling issue for her. After working with the TRAM group she started a master's in Urban and Regional Planning and University of California Berkeley.
Ana Tepavac
BA Student, McGill University
Ana was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and raised in Miami Florida. She fell in love with Canada at a young age when her family and took her on annual trips to Toronto. She is currently in her third year at McGill University. She is enrolled in Economics and the Earth’s Environment program within the School of Environment. She will be graduating May 2014 and aspire to continue her studies within the field of Environmental Sustainability in hopes of pursuing a career in Environmental Law. Her interest in environmental studies was piqued in one of her courses at McGill, Environmental Geology, where one of the assignments encouraged her to reduce her carbon footprint. This assignment opened her eyes to the impact simple daily activities have on the environment and how altering one’s routine can make a drastic difference. When she is not working on school related material, she enjoys reading all kinds of fiction, dancing, and attending kickboxing classes. After working with TRAM she went back to finish her BA.
Kevin Manaugh
BA (Music) Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
PhD Urban Planning, McGill University
Graduating with a degree in Music in 1997, Kevin spent the next ten years performing and teaching music throughout Canada, the States and Europe. He has now returned to graduate studies in Urban Planning with a focus on sustainable transportation. His primary research interests are in exploring alternatives to current North American car dependence and automobile-centered urban design. He is especially interested in how urban design factors might influence travel behaviour and perceptions of distance and safety. He believes that the environmental, social and economic issues caused by widespread automobile use is one of the major concerns in Urban Planning today and will remain so until efficient, equitable and safe solutions can be found. Upon finishing his Masters Kevin took his decision to pursue his PhD in Urban Planning. Kevin has finished his PhD in April 2013; his PhD dissertation was titled Incorporating issues of social justice and equity into transportation planning and policy. In August 2013 he started his new position as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Geography and School of Environment at McGill University. In his free time Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children, playing music, cooking, biking and reading.
Emory Shaw
BA student, Urban Systems & GIS, McGill University
Emory is currently completing a B.A. at McGill University. His interest in transportation stems from an intensely urban upbringing and a global interest in the social sciences and geography. A native of downtown Montreal, he has also lived in Berlin where, among other things, he studied urban history and development with the University of Toronto. His current interests involve finding solutions and alternatives to urban sprawl and optimizing and extending active and public transportation infrastructure within the built environment as well as beyond it in regional settings. Emory aspires to implement these changes through policy, design and communication. After working with TRAM for one summer he went back to finish his BA in Geography at McGill.
Nicole Foth
BA Political Science, University of British Columbia
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Nicole’s interest in transportation planning began during her B.A. in political science when she started to research how policy decisions affect where residents live and how people move in cities. In the context of growing Canadian cities, Nicole believes it is important to explore ways to work towards providing public transit and active transportation as feasible and practical mode choices. Several of Nicole's interests include land use and transportation planning, public transit accessibility, transit-oriented developments, cycling facility planning, and urban form of public space, especially at transit nodes. After graduation she started working for District of North Vancouver as an Urban Planner.
Cynthia Jacques
BSc in Environmental Science, University of Ottawa
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Cynthia graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2010, with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. Her belief that urban form plays a significant role in fostering sustainable lifestyles inspired her to pursue a Master of Urban Planning at McGill University. With the goal of contributing to the sustainability of urban environments, her research interests include exploring the influence of urban form on travel behaviour, encouraging sustainable transportation alternatives to reduce car dependence, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of Smart Growth, New Urbanist and Transit-Oriented Development planning principles. After graduation Cynthia started to work as a planner at Novatech Engineering Consultants in Ottawa.
Devon Willis
BA Environment and Political Science, McGill University
Devon is currently completing her B.A. Honours in Environment and Political Science at McGill University. A Montreal (Island) native, she is interested in pursuing research and work in Urban Planning. She completed a summer program at UC Berkeley in 2011 in City and Regional Planning and left with a keen interest in active transportation planning, health and city planning, urban design and GIS. She also spent her semester abroad at Sciences Po, Paris and traveling in Western Europe. This trip and time spent in Bolivia have cultivated her interest in transportation:the stark contrast between the ad hoc "mini-bus" system of La Paz and the extensive and interconnected rail networks in France and Switzerland, further contrasted from her home city of Pointe-Claire, a Montreal auto-dependent suburb. Research interests include active transportation and health, transit-oriented development, and reducing the car dependence while increasing social interactions and sense of community and place in low-density areas. After graduation she worked for Conseil régional de l'environnement de Montréal.
Anais Mathez
BA Urban Systems (Geography) and Environment, McGill University
Anais is currently completing a B.A. in Urban Systems and Environment at McGill University. Originally from New York, she has become fascinated with urban behavior patterns, and the intricacies of large-scale transportation networks. Academic interests include environmental policy and planning, urban renewal and design, and GIS technologies. Past research has focused on the relationship between the built form of public space and social integration at the community level. Her interests now have evolved to include the management of infrastructure to accommodate and encourage active transport, as well as strategies for improving public transit efficiency as a means to compete with the automobile. After graduation she worked for Conseil régional de l'environnement de Montréal.
Julie Bachand-Marleau
BSc Urban Planning, Université de Montréal
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Julie graduated with a B.Sc. in Urban Planning from the Université de Montréal in 2008. She focused on climate-adapted strategies to encourage bicycling in Montreal for her final Baccalaureate project. Her implication in the Groupe de recherche Ville et mobilité de l'Université de Montréal and in a research group studying the impact of the urban environment on obesity at CHU Ste-Justine made her develop a particular interest for public health and active transportation issues. After graduation Julie started to work at the the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT).
Nithya Vijayakumar
BA Political Science and Geography, McGill University
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Nithya has lived in Calgary, Atlanta, and Milwaukee, WI. She graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and Geography from McGill University in 2008. Nithya developed a keen interest in bus operations and planning after working in Chennai and Bangalore, India over 2007 and 2008. She is currently doing research on run time savings of articulated buses and factors that influence driving distance to commuter rail stations in Montréal. After graduation Nithya started to work at Translink in Vancouver. Currently she is working as a transport planner at Steer Davies Gleave in Toronto.
Jeff Robson
BA History and Minor Geography, University of Calgary
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Jeff graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History, Minor Geography from the University of Calgary in 2009. He focused on British and German social history, and urban political geography. Hoping to help improve the urban environment, he has returned to school for graduate study at McGill University. His research interests are multidisciplinary in nature and include sustainable heritage planning, the importance of public spaces in civic involvement, and the relationship between transportation access and social integration. Upon graduation Jeff joint the municiple internship program in Alberta.
Tyler Kreider
BA Honours Urban Systems, McGill University
MSc student, Civil Engineering, McGill University
Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Tyler graduated from the Department of Geography at McGill University with an Honours B.A. in Urban Systems in 2009. His honours research focused on access on the island of Montreal to the downtown core by public transportation in relation to median household income. After finishing his work with TRAM he is obtained a M.Sc. in Civil Engineering at McGill University. His research interests include public transportation access and safety for non-motorized transportation.
Jacob Larsen
BA (History) Concordia University, Montréal
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Jacob graduated with a BA in History from Concordia University in 2007, where he specialized in oral histories of Anglophone communities in Montreal. Spurred by his desire to help create more sustainable cities, Jacob has returned for graduate study in Urban Planning at McGill, with a focus on transportation. His research interests include the influence of urban form on walking and cycling, bicycle lane safety and understanding the impacts of urban freeways. In addition to improving his technical skills in transportation studies, he hopes to explore how communities can articulate their own transportation needs. In 2010 Jacob was the first student to graduate from the School of Urban Planning, McGill University with a concentration in Transportation planning.
Julien Surprenant-Legault
BSc, Economics, Université de Montréal
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Julien obtained a Baccalaureate in Economics from the Université de Montréal in 2008. At TRAM, he applied his econometrics techniques to transportation modelling in an array of projects such as the evaluation of route 467 limited-stop bus service or the exploration of two-worker households home and work location patterns. He appreciates how good transportation planning can directly improve people's quality of life and he has a specific interest for public transit. He received a Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Master's Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and a Master's Scholarship from the Fonds québécois de recherche sur la société et la culture. After graduation, Julien started to work at the Ministry of Transport of Quebec in the transportation systems modelling department. He is now an analyst at the Société de transport de Montréal (STM).
Raphaëlle Aubin
BA Art History, Anthropology, University of British Columbia
MA Art History, University of Leeds (England)
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
After working for over five years in cultural institutions, Raphaëlle has returned to university to pursue a Master of Urban Planning, choosing to focus on effective public participation processes. She has worked with the community-university research alliance "Making Megaprojects Work for Communities", as well as assisted in the development of a municipal Sustainable Development Action Plan. Community-based knowledge is at the heart of her approach and she seeks projects that fulfill her cross-disciplinary interests in heritage, policy-making, active transportation and public health.
Assumpta Cerdá
BA Environmental Design, UQAM, Montréal
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Assumpta graduated with a degree in Environmental Design in 2006 and is currently pursuing graduate studies in Urban Planning. Her research interests include transportation and land use planning, the role of urban design in promoting increased walkability, traffic calming street design and multimodal transit networks. Having worked on two separate occasions in South America, and completed a diploma in International Cooperation, she has a particular interest in urban strategies deployed in various cities in Latin America and their often innovative solutions to complex transportation issues. Assumpta worked with TRAM as a graduate research assistant during her masters program. Asumpta was the lead researcher on the accessibility project funded by MTQ. After graduation Assumpta started to work at the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT).
Hatem Touman Abdelhamid
BSc Architectural Engineering, Alexandria University
DEA Urban Planning, UPMF University, Grenoble, France
PhD, Architecture and Urban Planning, UPMF University, Grenoble, France
Post-Doctoral, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Hatem has a Bsc. degree in architectural engineering from Alexandria University, Egypt. After finishing his undergraduate studies he left to France to start his post graduate studies in urban Planning. During his PhD, Hatem dealt with Egyptian New Towns in general, focusing on their urban morphology. For this reason, he joined McGill as a post-doctoral to specialize in transportation. Hatem's research interests can be summarized by the following keywords: Urban Morphology, New Towns, Regional planning, transportation, travel behaviors, land use, urban expansion, urban mutations and changes in built fabric. Hatem worked as a post-doctoral research fellow with TRAM in the academic year 2008 -2009.
William Martin-Chin
BEng student, Civil Engineering, McGill University
William is studying Civil Engineering with a minor in Environmental Engineering at McGill University. He is interested in urban policy formulation and governance, as well as in urban transportation planning. He is active in a municipal political party that promotes sustainable urban transportation and development. William spent his summer internship with TRAM in 2009. William is currently working towards a degree in Law at McGill University.
Paul Tétreault
BASc Civil Engineering (Coop), University of Ottawa, Ontario
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Paul has an undergraduate degree in civil engineering from the University of Ottawa but was also interested on the social and environmental impacts of infrastructure which led him to pursue a master's degree in urban planning. His interests include infrastructure, land-use planning and transportation planning. He is also a recipient of a National Science and Engineering Research Council Master's Post-Graduate Scholarship. Paul worked with TRAM as a graduate research assistant during his masters program. In addition to his involvment in various projects with TRAM, Paul was the lead researcher on the first phase of the route 67 and 467 project for STM. After graduation Paul was employed by GENIVAR who is currently known as WSP.
Lisa Kastelberger
BA Urban Studies, Concordia University
MUP, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Lisa was born and raised in the rural community of Hemmingford, but her interests in the inner workings of cities drew her to Montreal to commence a bachelor's degree in Urban Studies at Concordia University. Lisa is currently pursuing a Master of Urban Planning at McGill University. Seeing transportation issues as a major threat to the quality of life in downtown centres, Lisa is especially interested in the interrelation of land uses and transportation infrastructure, as well as traffic calming and Transit-Oriented Development. Lisa worked with TRAM as a graduate research assistant in summer 2008. She was involved in developing the TRAM data archive as well as a couple of other projects. She is currently working as a Manager of Capital and Urban Planning at Cree Regional Authority.
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