In Winter 2011 the inter-disciplinary research group, Transportation Research at McGill (TRAM) conducted a travel survey to assess the environmental impact of travel to and from McGill University and to develop a better understanding of the use of sustainable transportation for commuting to McGill. The targeted population of the survey included McGill students, staff, and faculty. The results of the survey highlights the current travel patterns, and transportation needs and concerns of McGill students, faculty and staff.
This survey is funded by the McGill Sustainability Projects Fund and is conducted in collaboration with the McGill Office of Sustainability.
The project team included Cynthia Jacques, Jacob Mason and Kevin Manaugh graduate students from the McGill School Urban Planning, Vincent Chakour, graduate student from the Department of Civil Engineering, Anais Mathez undergraduate student from the Department of Geography and Guillaume Barreau, research fellow at the School of Urban Planning and the Department of Civil Engineering. The research team has worked under the supervision of Naveen Eluru and Marianne Hatzopoulou, Assistant Professors with the Department of Civil Engineering and Ahmed El-Geneidy, Assistant Professor with the School of Urban Planning.
Thank you for your participation!
If you have questions, you can contact Cynthia Jacques by email cynthia.jacques@mail.mcgill.ca or by phone at (514) 398-4058.
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