Welcome to the Transportation Research At McGill (TRAM) research group website. TRAM is a group of researchers, faculty members and students whom their work is mainly directed towards conducting research in the transportation planning and operations field. TRAM is a multidisciplinary team located at the School of Urban Planning , Faculty of Engineering , McGill University, Montreal, Canada. The main goal of this research group is to generate valuable research of benefit to the community and to educate students through real world transportation planning projects. Ahmed M. El-Geneidy is the research group leader.



TRAM organizes a weekly transportation seminar in collaboration with CIRRELT. Click here for the current seminar schedule.



1- Thanks to the Montreal cyclists who fill our surveys and help us in generating interesting research, Dea van Lierop's recent work from her master's on bicycle theft has been featured in The Atlantic Cities. The full article was recently accepted for publication in the International Journal of Sustainable Transportation. The title of the article is Breaking into Bicycle Theft: Insights from Montreal Canada, authors Dea van Lierop, Michael Grimsrud and Ahmed El-Geneidy.


2- A new article developed by the TRAM group has been featured in The full article title and link is in here: What’s your type: A multidimensional cyclist typology. the article is authored by Gabriel Damant-Sirois, G., Michael Grimsrud & Ahmed El-Geneidy


3- A new animation produced by Colin Stewart for Un jour de la Société de transport de Montréal the transit authority serving the island of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Video of STM system




4- The recent graduate of the TRAM group Prof. Kevin Manaugh will be starting his new position as a Tenure Track Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and School of Environment, McGill University in August 2013......congratulations again Kevin.


5- March 2012, Prof. Ahmed El-Geneidy has been recognised as one of the three most productive scholars in Canada in the field of “Design, Urban Design, & Urban Planning" by The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business.



TRAM Surveys

1- 2013 Transit Oriented Development Survey


2- 2013 TRAM Cycling Survey.


3- 2013 McGill Transportation Survey.


4- 2011 McGill Transportation Survey.



TRAM Group Summer 2013 Photo by Shaina Pennington edited by Ehab Diab